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Damage to new washer dryer

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Flamingale Sun 26-Mar-17 15:24:09

I've only had the washer dryer for about a month and it's a good model. Now an escaping wire fom an underwired bra has made a circle of deep discolored scratches on the internal glass of the door.

I'm so annoyed about it. Does anyone know if the door will be weakened and the ball park figure to get it replaced. I know it won't be covered under the warranty as it will be classed as accidental damage which is not covered.

e1y1 Mon 27-Mar-17 02:02:31

It shouldn't weaken the glass, but there is always that off chance - and with it being a washer/dryer, that could make the risk a little greater as the door withstands heat from the dry cycle.

Spares prices can vary wildly between make and model, however, most can be sourced at reasonable prices - for just the door glass, I'd say between £30 and £50 pound would be about right, the whole door fitting (so glass and inner and outer frame), probably closer to £80-100.

THIS is a good site for appliance spares.

Flamingale Mon 27-Mar-17 19:50:01

Thanks e1y1. Since posting I've done some googling and found reports about the glass in some washing machine doors suddenly exploding even when not in use confused. So I'll definitely check that website out.

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