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Getting carpets cleaned - how do you prepare?

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Wibblewobbles Thu 23-Mar-17 12:02:36

I am so excited to have an actual carpet cleaning man coming tomorrow to do our carpets grin It's the first time I've had a professional carpet cleaner round.

How do you prepare for the carpets to be cleaned? Do you normally move furniture so they can clean underneath? We've taken all the storage boxes out from under our bed and stacked them up in a spare room that hasn't been cleaned, do you think he will clean underneath the bed?

Just want some tips so we get our money's worth grin We probably won't have it done for another three years again after this so want to make the most of it...!

Wibblewobbles Thu 23-Mar-17 12:03:14

Sorry, meant to say I stacked stuff in a spare room that isn't being cleaned.

GlitteryFluff Thu 23-Mar-17 12:04:33

Watching as I've wondered if they can get under bed etc

May09Bump Thu 23-Mar-17 12:46:29

Hoover everywhere - underneath everything. Unplug anything on top of furniture that may be moved and if a lot of cables put them in a carrier bag and tie. My cleaner does underneath the TV stand and pulls it out.

Wibblewobbles Thu 23-Mar-17 13:45:55

I've sent my Roomba on a mission upstairs grin The TV unit is really heavy I can't imagine the carpet man will want to move that but I'm hoping he'll do under the sofas etc.

Mcchickenbb41 Thu 23-Mar-17 18:49:34

Another thing you must do is look at the dirty water they vacuum up ! It's a must grin

BabyNo1Nov2017 Thu 23-Mar-17 18:52:51

We cleared all the rooms just left the sofas which he moved around as he did it, but took the tv stand and other furniture out. Kitchen was filled to the ceiling!!!

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