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Genius drying tip!

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onalongsabbatical Sun 19-Mar-17 19:37:40

Mumsnetters, just feeling the need to share my stroke of genius! So, you know that thing when you put one of those duvet covers in the dryer, the ones that don’t have a closure, just a neck opening? Or a pillowcase? And when you go to get your washing out all of your pants have placed themselves in said items, often flung into the corners where a) they don’t want to be found and b) they’ve clumped up and haven’t dried properly? BAG CLIP! Inspired, earlier, I suddenly thought I’ll close it up with a large plastic kitchen bag clip – it worked! No lost pants. Take drying out and give duvet cover extra couple minutes without clip to finish off the folded bit. No more fishing for clumped damp pants in the far corners of a duvet cover! Eh? You’re welcome

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