John Lewis Hypnos pillow top mattress

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bouncydog Sat 11-Mar-17 22:17:54

Does anyone have one of these? I want to know if they are similar to the premier inn mattresses. Also want to know what they're like on a wooden base. Thanks.

Minimammoth Sun 12-Mar-17 06:19:58

I have a Hypnos pillow top matress, it's on an ordinary non sprung base. It is like the premier inn one, but I bought from a general matress supplier. The Hypnos range is huge, mine is the 'pearl' at the lower end, ( still£800 though). It is pure heaven, I absolutely love it, I have a back problem and it's supports wonderfully, is not too hot and so comfortable.

EnidButton Mon 13-Mar-17 01:05:57

Hypnos do a range that is specifically for wooden slatted bases. I found the premier inn one i tried in the shop to be too firm for me so we have the softest bed base Hypnos. (Think it's bedbase 5?). It's still not soft enough for me tbh but it's definitely a really good quality mattress and I don't toss and turn like I did with our old one.

EnidButton Mon 13-Mar-17 01:08:28

Just googled. It's the 'bedstead' range not bed base.

bouncydog Mon 13-Mar-17 07:45:42

Thank you. I've tried out a couple of hypnos mattresses in our local mattress shop - unfortunately they only stock about 6 to try and a couple were £3k which I'm not going to pay!! I might just order the JL one and if it doesn't do put it in the spare room.

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