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CalineF Wed 08-Mar-17 13:32:33

I had a very expensive washer/dryer delivered today: Samsung WD80K5410OW AddWash Washer Dryer. £818 including fitting and recycling of the old washer/dryer. I was shocked to catch the deliverymen removing the transit bolts from my washer/dryer while it was on the lift of their Luton van. Then, loading it on their trolley and bringing it to our third-floor property. Shouldn't they have been removed inside my property once in the kitchen?
When I ask for the bolts, the delivery man told me they were in his van and that I didn't need them anymore! I asked for them pointing out we are moving properties shortly.
When I contacted the seller, they told me those transit bolts are almost impossible to put back.
I am not happy. It is a very expensive item. Why wasn't the transit bolts removed once inside our property? I am suspicious. Especially after catching one of the delivery men hammering the frame of the Luton's back door, while the other one was removing the transit bolts. Plus, when they fitted the new washer/dryer the delivery men damaged the drain pipe, squashing it very badly. I am concerned it will eventually split and leak.
I told the delivery men that I will report the issues to the delivery company and the seller. I did, and I am waiting for their formal reply.

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