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Stain removal SOS - orange juice from cardigan

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snurkabean Wed 08-Mar-17 09:15:28

Satsuma stains all down my daughter's best cardigan (husband's fault!)
Label says hand wash only although I've always washed it on a gentle 30 cycle and it's been fine.
Stains occurred MONDAY but I only just found it when I took it out of the washing basket to go in the wash.

I am off to supermarket today so can buy all sorts of stain removers but does anyone have any recommendations/tips?!

Pics attached of worst bit of stain (it's ALL down the front!) and the care label.

Shop where I bought it no longer open so I can't just buy another and I really loved this one sad

user1487671808 Wed 08-Mar-17 09:22:21

Only thing I can think would be soaking it in white vinegar with washing up liquid rubbed into it. This gets lots of things out that you think are there to stay. Don't know if hanging it in sunshine would bleach it out like it does tomato or curry stains but no sun here today anyway.

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