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Rusty microwave

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Lunaballoon Mon 06-Mar-17 14:51:27

We have a basic Kenwood microwave. It doesn't get used heavily, just heating up frozen peas and leftovers - that kind of thing. But the inside has rusted quite badly so I'd like to replace it. Anyone with any suggestions for brands with non rusting interiors please?

echt Tue 07-Mar-17 11:50:33

They all rust if you don't leave the door open for a while after heating food. Leave the door ajar to allow the condensation to escape.

Lunaballoon Tue 07-Mar-17 12:00:05

Yes I think the problem is entirely of my own making by closing the door after use, but just wondering if anyone had any experience with ceramic or other such interiors that claim to resist rust.

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