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Minimalism Thread?

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TomboyFemme Mon 06-Mar-17 12:39:28

Is there a thread about moving towards minimalism, or a more minimalist approach to life, at least?

I'm certainly not the stereotypical minimalist, with everything in white and only 1 chair and bare walls, but I do feel very bogged down by STUFF and would like to move towards a more intentional way of living, only keeping things which genuinely add value, and just what I need, no more.

I'm quite good at getting rid of things, whether that's to the charity shop, selling on Ebay or whispers throwing in the bin, what I do struggle with is stopping things coming into the house, I'm a suckered for a freebie so for example when friends with older children offer me hand me downs I'll take them even though dd already has more than enough.

I want to cut down on my own clothes as well, not quite a capsule wardrobe, but definitely pared down. And dd's toys need culling massively.

Anyone else in a similar position?

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