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Dog Hair - Aaaaargghhh

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Rattymare Tue 28-Feb-17 11:42:28

I love my Black Labrador dearly apart from the dog hair !
It's everywhere and driving me mad.
Has anyone please got any hints, tips or suggestions on keeping it under control.

WhereTheFuckIsWonderWoman Tue 28-Feb-17 11:44:21

The only thing that makes a difference for me is very regular brushing. I feel your pain though, my flooring and stairs are all wooden and the stuff gets everywhere.

AprilShowers16 Tue 28-Feb-17 23:04:52

The only thing that helped us a bit was to get a cordless vacumn cleaner so we could easily keep on top of it and vacumn every day

RedOrangeGoldLeaf Thu 02-Mar-17 07:09:31

Good quality food for the dog, and brush him daily (not sure of the best brush type on that sort of hair, all mine are longer haired, but experiment). When you bath him, use warm water and really massage the skin, then once he's dry and you brush him the dead hair really comes out. You can brush the rug/carpet too, which is often better at getting the worst of the hair off before vacuuming. Other than that, vacuum lots, sorry! smile At one point I had two spaniels (one of whom I'm sure has Afghan in her ancestry...) and a German Shepherd in a small Victorian terrace. I feel your pain!

N0tfinished Thu 02-Mar-17 07:16:45

Yy good quality food. It's really helped my golden labs shedding. Spring is round the corner so I'm sure we'll have the usual hairmageddon but it's helped the normal day-to-day shedding a lot. I get a hypoallergenic kind from vets surgery but it's just a good dry food. The supermarket kinds are shockingly bad when you look at the ingredients. I give him the occasional can of sardines too.

Taylorandnicolesmummy Thu 02-Mar-17 07:22:47

Constantly battling the hair here too, we have a furminator comb for my long haired GSD. It's great at removing the dead hair

Sillysausage123 Thu 02-Mar-17 07:25:54

What good quality food would people suggest?
I've also been told a drop of cod liver oil is good for dogs fur

Chocolateteabag Thu 02-Mar-17 09:08:04

In between hoovering, I find scraping my trainered feet over the carpet rolls our black labs hair into fat worms which are easy to pick up. I do it while on the phone or waiting for shouting at the kids to get down stairs.
Bit like wearing rubber gloves and rubbing the sofa (but ours doesn't go on the sofa at least)

N0tfinished Thu 02-Mar-17 10:08:39

Chocolateteabag reminded me, the rubber bristled brushes are great for pet hair! I have one I bought in a discount store, it does a great job of getting hair out of mats and carpet - nearly better than a hoover I think. It seems to keep the hair together rather than sending it flying into the air.

The food I have is called Calibra Hypoallergenic. I know others have strong opinions on raw food or grain free food, but our lad is doing well on this one. I think it's the cheapest brand available at the vets. Next time I might try the next one up, he might stop shedding altogether wink

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