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Question about laundrettes...

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GMOOH Fri 24-Feb-17 22:37:43

A recent house move plus a shit breakup and I've got bags and bags of laundry that needs washing.

I'd quite like to pay someone to do it for me (i.e have it dried and folded after) - sounds silly but I'm struggling with maintaining even basic self care at the minute let alone things like laundry and bedding. Do laundrettes offer this? I don't have the space to hang out a shit load to dry (in a flat with just an airer)...

cheminotte Fri 24-Feb-17 22:39:58

Yes its called a service wash.

Chipsandonionrings Fri 24-Feb-17 22:40:55

Yes I think it's called a service wash. After I had a c sec with my youngest my mum bagged up everything and took it down. Collected it all the next day, cost a bit but was worth it. I have also put through loads and then taken them to be dried at the laundrette.

GMOOH Fri 24-Feb-17 23:39:01

Thanks both, that's really helpful. Will go in tomorrow smile

SingingSands Sat 25-Feb-17 00:21:39

I love a service wash - it's the closest thing to finding laundry fairies!

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