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Steam mop recommendations

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thisgirlrides Fri 24-Feb-17 15:18:42

Last year we decided to paint our floorboards white which looks far better than the old, stained mess we had, but inevitably means far more regular mopping. I've got an old fashioned rope-type one after giving up on both the vilda sponge & rag versions but it only ever seems to surface skim plus I find the whole bucket of murky water a right pain. I tried the cheap vileda 100 but it's essentially squirting hot water onto the floor not actually steaming the floors so that's definitely out. We also have sealed wood in our living room and (moisture proof) laminate in bathroom & toilet plus carpet in the bedroom.
Would a steam mop make that much difference to both the time & effort involved vs mopping and the end result?
If the verdict is yes, can you recommend one please that doesn't require a second mortgage.

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