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Eco-Cleaning help please

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Brightredpencil Wed 22-Feb-17 16:05:08

I'm keen to embrace eco cleaning (and not use the products harmful to the environment). However I've just used the end of a lemon, vinegar, elbow grease and some bicarb to clean my sink. It's only OK. Whereas I can poor a bit of bleach in and sit back whilst it makes it sparkle. It all feels a bit expensive and time consuming. Please can people convince me otherwise! Recipes/tips all welcome

Brightredpencil Wed 22-Feb-17 16:05:34

Pour not poor obviously.

INeedNewShoes Wed 22-Feb-17 16:08:12

Microfibre cloths! They make a huge difference.

I only use an e-cloth on my shower screen now and its really easy to get it clean and shiny.

On things like the cooker I do still use the occasional spritz of Method (eco friendly) sprau though.

I also use a microfibre mop on my floors.

GrubbyWindows Thu 23-Feb-17 11:15:46

Could be your technique if you are used to just bleaching.
For a sink I'd scrub with damp bicarbonate and a cloth, put bio d loo cleaner on stubborn limescale for a few minutes to bubble up while I do something else and then a quick scrub, then rinse off with fresh water and the rinsed cloth. I may or may not spray on vinegar at the end if it's not shiny enough, to bubble off any leftover bicarb. If I'm feeling very snazzy I'd dry with the hand towel I'm about to sling into the wash. I'll polish the taps with the same towel, or a fancy special microfibre bathroom cloth I got in Sainsbury's, with a slightly rubbery scratchy but not scratchy side and a super smooth side.

JayneW63 Thu 23-Feb-17 18:01:26

Don't use bleach, it will etch stainless steel, you won't notice straight away but it will reduce the life .

You need to go down the micro fiber route, I use ENJO (google please) they are made in Austria , I haven't found another product that works as well or isn't made in the Far East. So you can trust the production methods. I worry about no chemicals in my household but a load of nasties on some one elses doorstep.

1ris Sat 25-Feb-17 18:53:43

I agree, microfible (e-cloths for example) are the way to go. I too use only them on our shower door. I use different ones all over the house and the only soap (when I use soap) is diluted washing up liquid in a spray bottle.

1ris Sat 25-Feb-17 18:56:12

This is interesting

JayneW63 Sat 25-Feb-17 21:35:25

I think these sort of cloths will be the way forward in cleaning.

I choose ENJO , I was blown away when I started to use my Mum's and sister's kitchen cloths because they worked better than anything including steamers and home made vinegar based remedies I'd used before, ( btw) this is my second post as I think I hit delete instead of post so if another appears sorry , I'm not trying to take over.

Here's a picture of my Dad and me tackling his algae covered garage using the same cloth I groom my dog and wash the car with. That's one of the other things I like , versatility.

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