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Yellow stains on toilet seat (sorry)

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sergeantmajor Wed 22-Feb-17 10:52:14

Our last toilet seat developed horrible yellow stains under the seat. Impossible to shift. Just had a lovely new bathroom put in and the brand new toilet seat is getting the same thing. Yes, I have boys who wee everywhere.
(Some one in a bathroom showroom once told me it was due to not leaving the seat up when using Harpic, but that doesn't add up as it is more yellow in some places than others).
How do I get rid of these disgusting yellow stains? Steam cleaning, cream cleaners and magic wedge of foam from Lakeland have all failed. I've never noticed this at anyone else's house, so where am I going wrong?

Iseespring Wed 22-Feb-17 10:56:58

Neat bleach for an hour or so?

INeedNewShoes Wed 22-Feb-17 10:57:00

If it was urine I'm pretty sure it would just wash off...

Sorry, not terribly helpful!

WhatIsWrongWithMePlease Wed 22-Feb-17 10:58:12

Agree with iseespring. Bleach left on for a while should do the job.

SleepFreeZone Wed 22-Feb-17 10:58:34

Magic sponge. It works 👍

SnowBallsAreHere Wed 22-Feb-17 10:59:08

Boys here too & ours go like that.
I take them off and leave in bath full of bleachy water to soak.

minesapintofwine Wed 22-Feb-17 10:59:46

I've actually found bleach to cause this.
Try washing with warm soapy water or an antibac without bleach?

MusicToMyEars800 Wed 22-Feb-17 11:00:32

I swear by bleach, put it neat onto the stain and leave it for about an hour it should shift it, I bleach my whole bathroom at least once a week, and it's always shiny and white.

SleepFreeZone Wed 22-Feb-17 11:01:27

whereabouts on the seat btw? Photos might help as it might be that the toilet seat is just horribly cheap and it's corroding f it's around the hinges. If it's on the front of the toilet just under the toilet seat then you need to wipe it down daily and give it a good scrub with a magic sponge.

INeedNewShoes Wed 22-Feb-17 11:02:33

I wondered that mines - whether the stubborn stains are where urine is reacting with a cleaning product rather than just the urine itself.

I don't use bleach to clean the toilet seat. Just use a cream cleaner and a spritz of dettox.

WhatIsWrongWithMePlease Wed 22-Feb-17 11:09:51

I do that too musictomyears. It's so satisfying to look at after I've finished grin

WhatIsWrongWithMePlease Wed 22-Feb-17 11:10:11

Hate the smell though.

minesapintofwine Wed 22-Feb-17 11:10:35

I don't think it sounds like actual urine staining tbh. How often do you clean the seat? I spray with an antibac (with bleach in) most days and wipe immediately and pretty thoroughly. I too have boys!

Pre dc I used bleach a bit more liberally in the bathroom and ended up with yellow stains on the toilet, so I just assumed it was down to my cleaning with bleach. We had a type of wood composite toilet seat. Ive recently bought a new one of the same material so will be interesting to see if the stains return. The one in between was cheap plastic but I never had any problems with it

wowfudge Wed 22-Feb-17 15:12:17

Bleach can react with plastics to make them go yellow OP. Stop using bleach on the loo seat or letting it get in contact with it. When you say under the seat you don't mean the lid do you?

MadeInBelgium Wed 22-Feb-17 15:17:29

OP I am the only female in this house where we are lucky enough to have 3 toilets. The one in our ensuite is always sparkly white, but the bathroom and downstairs toilets do go yellow like yours. Definitely wee and definitely boys (which is why they are banned from my ensuite!)

Our toilet seats are removable, so from time to time I soak them in bleach in the bath.

I have heard of people on here putting them in the dishwasher but I guess that's another thread!!!

AyeAmarok Wed 22-Feb-17 15:20:54

I have this problem. DP doesn't lift the seat to pee. angry

Fluffycloudland77 Wed 22-Feb-17 15:42:47

I use a scotch pad with a bit of cream cleaner on it for the bit under the seat.

Crumbs1 Wed 22-Feb-17 15:44:37

Clean at least daily to avoid stains developing. If they do, buy a new seat? Buy a wooden one next time so marks don't show?

Wondermoomin Wed 22-Feb-17 18:48:28

Cream cleaner such as Cif should sort it out.

Sung Fri 24-Feb-17 13:09:26

Just had a go at mine - thought I was going to have to replace toilet seat (Duravit - so not that keen to at those prices!) and toilet is only 18 months old!

I used Bar keepers friend on it and it came up a treat - embarrassed I left it so long now...haven't had an issue like this with other toilet seats before! I used the powered stain remover and made it into a paste - didn't take much rubbing to take off all the stains.

1ris Fri 24-Feb-17 19:56:33

Sung - very strange. We have 24 month Duravits and in our downstairs one there is yellow staining to the underside front of the seat (so on the lip).
No boys!
Both same toilets - other one is perfect.

Anyway I got rid of the staining just this week with a Flash magic sponge (MN tip)

ChishandFips33 Sat 25-Feb-17 11:53:46

Brand new loo and it's happened here too - under the seat gets wiped every use and cleaned regularly (method bathroom spray) replacement seat would be about £90 because of the D shape!

toilet seat at old house was stained through using bleach sad

I use the same cleaner all over the toilet so it's either a reaction to any splashback urine or the plastic isn't as 'finished' underneath and has reacted/stained more easily

Was tempted to use the astonish paste but worried about scratching and giving more crevices for stains to build confused have bar keepers friend and Cif too so may chance that

Vinegar and bicarb paste didn't do much

Sung Sat 25-Feb-17 13:37:32

It is odd 1ris - at least we know how to deal with it now. Must get one of those Flash magic sponges and try that too.

ChishandFips33 Sat 25-Feb-17 13:38:10

Update....Took a chance on the astonish oven cleaner as it said suitable for upvc and it looks like it's removed the staining smile

Twoevils Sat 25-Feb-17 13:39:52

Bar keepers friend and a kitchen sponge scourer is brilliant for this kind of thing.

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