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Bathroom Grout

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Babieseverywhere Thu 16-Feb-17 16:09:39

Tell me the best way to clean grout in my bathroom.

Do I wash or bleach or use one of those grout whitening pens ?

wowfudge Fri 17-Feb-17 06:59:42

The grout whitening pens are a bit of a con - it's a type of paint that colours over what is there rather than cleaning it. It can be difficult to get a neat finish because the nib may be too large for the grout lines.

Babieseverywhere Fri 17-Feb-17 17:50:25

I have bought some HG Limescale cleaner and will try that first. See if I can shift it.

wishparry Fri 17-Feb-17 17:55:31

I clean my bathroom grout with bleach.comes up as good as new for me.
I pour the bleach down and across the grout and leave for about an hour,then I come back with a cleaning toothbrush and really scrub the grout (dipping the toothbrush into the pools of bleach that have collected at the side of the bath every now and then)
I then rinse with the shower head,and have no mould left whatsoever.

ShotgunNotDoingThePans Fri 17-Feb-17 17:59:36

If it's gone mouldy then HG mould remover will do the trick. Soray on (hold your breath and don't inhale whatever you do), leave for half an hour, spray off.

loinnir Sat 18-Feb-17 17:07:00

Some grout never comes up especially if the black mold has got into it too deep - the bleach sprays/HG spray etc will lighten it a lot though. I second scrubbing with a toothbrush. Sometimes though very bad bits (eg just under a leaky shower panel) need the grout replacing.

coxsorangepippin Sat 18-Feb-17 17:22:30

Dip bits of cotton wool or tissue into a 50/50 bleach and water mix, squidge onto the grout, and leave overnight to dry. No elbow grease needed.

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