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Laundry Query... Fabric Softener & Detergent.

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Jamesr1501 Wed 15-Feb-17 23:23:23

With my new kitchen being fitted out next week, complete with brand new appliances including a Miele Washer Dryer, I am very much looking forward to getting started in the new kitchen on my return from a week away and seeing the end product.

The Miele model I chose features their new 'Twindos' automated dosing system, as well as their CapDos option and I have gone ahead and bought a few of their Cocoon scent fabric softener caps (£5.99 for 10 Caps) as well as a bottle of UltraPhase 1 and 2 Detergents from their website.

I would be interested to gauge your opinion on what really is a good, or even 'The Best' liquid detergent available in supermarkets. As a member of Which, it seems Persil Small and Mighty is the best rated followed by Aldi Formil and Ariel. Also what fabric softener do you recommend? I was thinking sticking by Comfort (Unilever) over Lenor but I am open to suggestions/recommendations. I know I like Lenor Gold Orchid, and used to like Diamond and Lotus Flower before they changed that, their new scents are also interesting too. Comfort Pure has been used since December as its scent is rather pleasing, I used to use the Sunshiny Days as it was the one my mum used for a long time... before she changed to a not so pleasant option.

The reason I ask this is I will be able to use the TwinDos function with empty containers (that I can send away from once the appliance has been installed) that allows use of softener and liquid detergent of your own choosing.

Thank you! smile

wowfudge Thu 16-Feb-17 05:50:35

I am probably the wrong person to answer this and I'll admit I haven't read your entire post, but I don't like strong lingering detergent and fabric softener smells and liquids don't contain bleaching agents so your expensive fancy pants machine will be smelly after a few months.

dementedpixie Thu 16-Feb-17 16:14:51

I agree that liquid detergents aren't that great for your machine and would recommend powders instead.

e1y1 Thu 16-Feb-17 16:17:23

Agree with wow, would NEVER suggest just using laundry liquid exclusively. It doesn't contain bleaching agents, whereas powder does. This allows mould/mildew to build up and a smell to start.

If you are going to use just liquid and never powder to wash clothes, then either run lots of empty hot, hot - 95 degree washes (I would be doing 1 a week personally), or use a dedicated washing machine cleaner. Other than that, still use the TwinDos for colour washes and use powder in the drawer for white-washes (you can stop TwinDos dosing on a cycle, you just need to select it).

rabbit123 Thu 16-Feb-17 18:49:28

Agree with the others, I purposely wouldn't buy an auto dosing machine as they're only compatible with liquids and they don't wash as well. Aside from making your machine mouldy, they also turn all your whites grey.
There is a work around - make sure you add a scoop of oxy clean to whites, towels, bedding or any other stuff that needs the extra hygiene like cleaning cloths. The Astonish one from Home Bargains is good and it's cheap. That should keep the machine clean too.

Indaba Tue 21-Feb-17 03:40:27

I have self dosing Mielie. Its fab! I use far far far less detergent. and have completely stopped using my Vanish powders to top up detergent. Once you get your refills you can use other laundry brands too but so far I have stuck to Mielie. Bought in a rush but so glad I have!

treaclesoda Tue 21-Feb-17 03:46:59

I have tried every washing product under the sun and my favourite washing liquid is Asda Smart Price! It smells lovely and gets my clothes as clean as any other liquid.

However, liquid is generally pretty poor compared to powder, and I always use powder for anything that is actually dirty, and use the liquid for really short washes where the powder wouldn't have time to dissolve and get to work.

Indaba Wed 22-Feb-17 18:10:56

Oh, you can use powders when you want with the Mielie auto dose but only if you select not to use the auto dose.....if you see what i mean

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