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AGA Gas Dual Control v Gas

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Linpat350 Sun 12-Feb-17 21:09:28

Hi everyone/anyone out there who can give an honest opinion on the AGA gas dual control range oven versus a traditional mains gas AGA cast iron range oven? I am going around in circles on this one.
Long story short (or short as poss!) we inherited a mains gas supplied 2 oven AGA when we purchased our small cottage circa 5 years ago.
Almost didn't buy the place because of it and said I would give it 3 months trial on the promise we could switch it out if I hated it. Absolutely love it and 5 years on we are building a kitchen extension and want to upgrade to 4 oven model. We were set on ordering a 4 oven all gas traditional range with the option on the two gas burners replacing the warming plate. Just like the idea of a fail safe heat source independent of ovens etc. in times of need! In addition we will have an electric single oven built into island unit so could turn aga off during summer months (or when its just hubby and me) and use single electric oven along with the 2 gas burners and save on running costs. Have literally just paid deposit and then.........
a nice man from a different aga shop says ' did you not consider the 5 oven gas dual control?' selling points:
- reduced running costs
- can still have gas ovens which can be left on all of the time if we like
- electric top plates operate independently and never lose heat
- no ugly power flue all the way across back of AGA
- could then consider having the standard warming plate or even induction hob option.
- No more expensive overall as trade in is better when purchasing DC or TC Agas.
My concerns:
-Apparently they are delivered fully assembled which made me think that they cannot be as solidly built as the traditional AGA which has to be done on site.
- I am bothered that AGA are pushing these newer more efficient models when actually they will never compare in build quality, simplicity and longevity to my good old fashioned gas AGA.
-Published running costs assume top plates are off between cooking and ovens are run on eco mode wherever possible. Would love to know how efficient they are when everything is used most of the time.

Do not want to make a very expensive mistake and would love to hear from anyone who has switched from traditional to a dual control and what they felt the differences have been. Also anyone who has experience of the efficiency of the two gas burners on any model.

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