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Washing gold rimmed dinner set in the dishwasher

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woodhill Fri 10-Feb-17 17:01:56

I never use it as I end up hand washing it.

Want to use it. It's Royal doulton Berkshire which has a gold rim. Anyone used a dishwasher to wash China like this. I've a newish dishwasher that recommends 45 quick wash but am not sure.


LoveMyLittleSuperhero Fri 10-Feb-17 17:05:16

My mom did this with a gold rimmed plate set and they came out with a grey rim instead of gold confused I would say if you have to try it then just put one plate through that way you can always eat off that one yourself if it damages it and have the rest of the set looking fine for guests?

KP86 Fri 10-Feb-17 17:08:04

Sorry to say it will get wrecked. Same thing happened to nice crystal of mine.

akkakk Fri 10-Feb-17 17:18:01

Totally depends on when it was made...
Earlier ones - no
More recent ones are often dishwasher safe

woodhill Sat 11-Feb-17 12:41:40

I handwashed it. Plates are beautiful so worth it.

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