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oven cleaners

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misdee Tue 27-Feb-07 19:18:12

Do it Yourself versions, cant get a man in atm.

any recommendations?

roseylea Tue 27-Feb-07 19:27:50

I used the Jif / Cif one last week and it was good. You can leave it for up to an hour depending on how skanky it is!

Not at all sure how eco-friendly it is tho

littlemissbossy Tue 27-Feb-07 19:29:43

Lakeland do one, it's about £8 but worth every penny... mine was skanky ... doubt it's eco friendly LOL nothing eco friendly would have got mine clean

misdee Tue 27-Feb-07 19:31:26

can i say, i dont mind if it not eco-friendly

it just needs to be clean! and quickly!

MuffinMclay Tue 27-Feb-07 21:14:53

Another vote for Lakeland Oven Mate. Got some for the first time last week and it has worked wonders on my oven.

Mr Muscle stuff is hopeless - I tried that first.

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