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What type of mop?

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doggybiscuits Wed 08-Feb-17 20:43:06

I have to confess I know nothing about mops and have never owned one. I now have a big space of smooth, shiny floor tiles which are going to need cleaning. Is there a type of mop which works well, or any to avoid? For preference, I'm looking for something at the cheaper end of the range. Would you use a separate one for kitchen and bathroom floors?

foxymeer Wed 08-Feb-17 20:58:21

E-mops are brilliant on flat tiles. You can use with just water or I use with method squirt and mop. I use a string mop (as described above) for our uneven flagstones as the flat mop doesn't go into the crevices. I hate those sponge type mops. Probably just me but I always broke ours and it never seemed to clean very well either.

JamMakingWannaBe Wed 08-Feb-17 21:20:32

Spray mop. They range from £10 upwards. Try Lakeland. You can fill the reservoir with your preferred cleaning product, spray, wipe over then chuck the fluffy mop into the washing machine. Love mine as doesn't make the floor too wet.I vacuum first and use the same for kitchen and bathroom.

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