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glitterfairy Tue 27-Feb-07 07:33:42


Lazylou Tue 27-Feb-07 07:41:47

Morning all!

Can you believe I made it here first-ish today?! Only because I'm off to start my new job today so am just about to go and get myself ready.

Tuesday is a bit of a difficult day for me in terms of FLYing. Work in the morning, followed by mad dash to Mum's with DD followed by mad dash to college!

Still, I have been really busy all weekend, sorting through the house and getting rid of some unwanted rubbish. We now have a selling account on ebay which now appears to be DHs new hobby .

Today, if possible, I need to wash up, dry up and put away, quick dash round kitchen and washing. That's it!

Have a good day everyone and I'll probably have to speak to you all tomorrow now!

glitterfairy Tue 27-Feb-07 08:16:22

Morning lazylou You dont sound lazy at all!

My to do list today is

Hoover downstairs
Wash up
Tidy up
Make loads of work calls
Phone the CSA again
Carry on sorting house
Cycle to swimming then swim
Shopping list
meal planning
Write another article
Take ds to ballet
Cook tea

Have already

Emptied bins
washed them out
Cleared away breakfast

laloop Tue 27-Feb-07 09:07:21

Thanks for mission glitterfairy
Good luck with the new job today lazylou

Today's list
- Make beds done
- Tidy kitchen, wipe surfaces etc done
- Load dishwasher done
- Tidy living room done

Still to do
- Get washed and dressed (ds2 as well!) - dh took dc's to school today so we're still in pj's
- Get ds2's hair cut
- Do some exercise (gym or DVD)
- Vacuum downstairs
- Today's FLY mission
- take dc's to dentist this afternoon
- book hairdressing appt for me
- start thinking about World Book day outfits for school on Thursday (dd going as Dorothy from the Wonderful Wizard of Oz, haven't a clue about ds2 yet...)
- make tonight's dinner in advance as ds2 at Squirrels tonight

All the best for today, everyone

satinshoes Tue 27-Feb-07 09:25:17

Morning all.

DD2 not well so not much going to get done today.

Pick cat up later though

Have a good day everyone.

ludaloo Tue 27-Feb-07 09:34:17

Morning all

Good luck lazylou have a good day

GF great list

laloop what is Squirrels? It sounds good!

satin sorry you are not feeling well, good luck later with the cat.

I am going to set about the mission in a mo...get it done while ds is at nursery.

Have a good day xxx

staceym11 Tue 27-Feb-07 09:35:00

morning, dont think im gunna manage a lot again today as dcs are still ill but dd is eating a sandwich which is a good sign! last night for din she had half a yoghurt! for a 2 yr old that usually eats and adult size meal i nearly fainted!!

have got washing on (including nappies)
will also be tumbling it and putting away
other than that its jsut ds's bottles (or id be in for some screaming!)
and some chilling out as we were up most of last night!!!

laloop Tue 27-Feb-07 11:18:27

Hi all
Back again from hairdressers with ds2 (he hates getting his hair cut so screamed the place down, not a very relaxing morning out, lol). Going to give him quick bath now to get rid of the last of the stray, itchy hairs.
Satin and Stacey - hope your lo's are better soon
Hi luda Squirrels is the youngest part of beavers/cub scouts (they start from about 4 y.o. and have very cute navy uniform with squirrels badge and yellow neck tie )

Anyone any ideas for a costume for ds2 for World book day? Can't think of anything yet.

shouldbedoingthehousework Tue 27-Feb-07 11:34:09


I'm trying to make myself get on a bit today so hope to make some progress about the house. Ds is at home poorly (again) today so I've just tucked him up in my bed with a story tape to listen to - just hope he goes to sleep for a bit now, he's very tired poor love.

~empty dw done
~rerun dw doing
~empty td and put away laundry
~2x loads in wm first in
~make lemon drizzle cake
~hoover downstairs
~mop floors downstairs
~dust downstairs
~mission if possible

That'll do - may be more than I can manage today anyway.

laloop how about Robin Hood? tights or dark trousers and a longer green t-shirt/shirt with a belt - cardboard sword in belt or make a quick bow and arrow and a hat with a homemade feather in it...or something like that! more inspiration atm..will have a think and get back to you..
tort hope to catch up later - nudge me if you're on MSN x
EHM I'll email you soon, thanks for the hugs x
Luda Thanks
everyone else have a good day

tortoise Tue 27-Feb-07 11:50:21

Hi all.
DD1 is at pre-school today so just me and DD2. Hope to get a bit done!
So far have emptied DW and re-loaded.
Ummm thats about it other than basic up,dress,breakfast etc!
Oh, WM on too!
Hope poorly ones are better soon. DD1 is coughing a bit so i hope she manages all day at pre-school.
lazylou Hope 1st day at new job goes well.

tortoise Tue 27-Feb-07 11:50:47

Good to see you shouldbe Hope you are ok.

yaddayah Tue 27-Feb-07 12:00:05

Morning all !
Hope all ill'ies are recovering .. This time of year is horrible ..we seem to get every bug going .. especially now ds is in primary, and dd at pre school .. talk about a double whammy ! Can't wait for summer when we can have the kids running around outside !

lazyloo hope you're 1st day went well

laloop my ds is a nightmare for haircuts i'm pretending his current lengthy locks are a surfy type boden statement cut when really
i can't be *ed with the hassle of hairdressers !

This morning i have been indulging in gastroporn.. my "new" ebayed Jamie Oliver cookbook arrived.. am lost in a whirlwind of lemons, prosciutto and fennel

Last nights dinner was scrambled egg, beans and potato waffles.. ahem !

Well enough "waffle" from me

my list:
d/washer + s/s kitchen done
mission done (toys and stray raisins, apple cores and dust .. mmm lovely)

Got to take dd to nursery then I have a whole 2 hrs to get a load of sorting out done .. i WILL not as i did yesterday spend an hour reading random posts on MN !

staceym11 Tue 27-Feb-07 14:07:16

hello everyone! well dd is finally on the mend! shes been happily playing in her bedroom for an hour after 3 days of laying on the sofa all day!

have done my washing including tumble and put away,
got some chicken bones on boil for stock,
done steriliser,
and can't be arsed to do any more!

good luck with FLYing today everyone!

tortoise Tue 27-Feb-07 14:18:27

Well i have been very busy!!
Talk to shouldbe on MSN done!
Talk to luda on MSN done!
Make puzzles with DD2 done

See? Very busy!

staceym11 Tue 27-Feb-07 14:24:11

wow tort, think you should be put up for an award!

wish i oculd get away with that!

shouldbedoingthehousework Tue 27-Feb-07 14:52:56

lol tort We should be encouraging each other to do our FLYing, not holding each other up Still, I enjoyed chatting much more than FLYing

~empty dw done
~rerun dw done
~empty td and put away laundry emptied
~2x loads in wm 2nd load in
~make lemon drizzle cake made and started eating!
~hoover downstairs
~mop floors downstairs
~dust downstairs
~mission if possible

Am in a much better mood for being cheered up by good friends tort and Luda , thanks girls

grouchyoscar Tue 27-Feb-07 15:34:39

A big HELLO to all you FLYers

Thanks for all the hugs and kind words yesterday, they helped loads

Feeling less fragile today but I had to walk a bit in town (I was getting DS (and me) De-louser from the chemist) and coming back from the bus stop I felt like my left leg belonged to a suited and booted 1950's deep sea diver. So I guess my body won that one.

Right...mustn't maudle...FLYing update.

Today's Done list
Up washed and dressed
DS washed
S&S loo
S&S bathroom
Make DS's bed and draw curtains
Draw our curtains
downstairs with washing
Check DS for head pets (2,)
Check me for same (ds had kicked me out of bed so we had head 2 head contact) I had 1 (sod wet combing, with shoulder length thick curly hair I'm off for heavy artillery now)
Dress DS for school (inc wellies, raincoat and brolly)
Take to school (in the persisting rain)
Pop in and investigate the new Children's Centre (Head of local Sure Start makes me a coffee )
Go to chemist with evidence {ewwh} to get lotion
Clean out sink (DH left an inch of cold filthy water in and a plughole blocked with veg peeling overnight )
Wash washing up bowl
Deal with post
Collect DS (Filthy as they let him play out in the rain and he rolled on the grass )
Home Put potatoes in oven to bake
Empty DW
Put away
Load and run WM
Tidy pile of papers on kitchen table (it was huge)
Make phonecalls (We've beaten the overdraft...YAY payday tomorrow and still in the black..unheard of for 10 years)
Make lunch (baked spuds stuffed with tuna corn and cheese)
Eat lunch
Tidy away
S&S kitchen
Deal with e-mails
Sweep downstairs
Mop downstairs
Take down damp washing
Hang out wet washing
Play with DS

To do
Take damp washing downstairs
Load and run TD
Empty WM
Organise for drying
Treat my hair for 'head pets' (DS is so generous )

Tomorrow the hunt for the perfect bridesmaid's dress continues (until 2pm)

Hope you're all doing well and <<hugs>> to anyone who needs one

grouchyoscar Tue 27-Feb-07 16:28:36

DS took it on himself to use the dirty mop water to re mop the front room. Quickly changed water and redid it

I've also Mr Muscled the oven.

Help, I'm mad!

staceym11 Tue 27-Feb-07 17:00:47

GO i have to check for head pets everytime we come back from my MIL as her kids have always got them, drives me nuts! dd is only 2 and shes had them about 6 times (been infested that is, iv pulled 2/3 out every time we visit!)

grouchyoscar Tue 27-Feb-07 18:40:29

Further Dones

Load and run TD
Clean oven
Clean hob
S&S kitchen
Empty TD
Load and run TD
Fold dry washing
get DS's uniform ready for tomorrow
Empty WM
Put washing to dry

DH and DS are making lasagne for tea. yum yum.

Hope you all have lovely evenings

tortoise Tue 27-Feb-07 18:43:20

OMG! GO Your list is huge! Well done. Put me to shame.

shouldbe Glad you enjoyed chatting.

yaddayah Tue 27-Feb-07 21:13:22

grouchy you put us all to shame !

staceym11 Tue 27-Feb-07 21:15:04

i cant believe ho much you manage to get done GO!!!

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