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Unfuck your habitat book

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NightWanderer Thu 02-Feb-17 12:07:13

Ive just downloaded it to my Kindle. Im really hoping it will help me create a livable home. Has anyone else read it?

HairsprayQueen Thu 02-Feb-17 12:20:51

I think it was one of the giveaway books last month so there should be a review thread somewhere

Sherlock35 Thu 02-Feb-17 15:05:47

I love the Tumblr site. It's definitely an achievable process

NightWanderer Fri 03-Feb-17 00:30:54

Thanks, I'll chevk out the thread. I read the website but I've never actually done 20/10. I think the urge to marathon clean is too great. I'm going to try it and see if it helps.

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