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Moths - Do they come back?

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Rhayader Wed 01-Feb-17 14:49:36

Right, so last year (spring/summer) we had a fairly bad moth problem. Tiny little silvery brown ones. The source of the problem seemed to be some alpaca wool that i had bought but never got around to doing anything with. Once we got rid of that, and the other wool it was with, cleaned out nearby draws and wardrobe, they completely went away.

I'm currently paranoid and in the middle of hoovering and dettoling every nook and cranny in all the bedrooms, hotwashing all the sheets etc in case they come back this spring. Now, my question is, do moths generally come back year after year, or when they are gone are they gone? I've not seen a single moth since the summer but i'm not sure if thats just because they are seasonal...

Fortunately, all the damage was localised to the wool and 1 or 2 t-shirts. So nothing too bad (phew).

Any other tips appreciated!

minipie Wed 01-Feb-17 14:59:54

If you've found the only source and dealt with it then they generally don't come back.

However it's quite common for there to be more than one source in a house (sorry).

And yes they are seasonal, I haven't seen any in my house this winter but fully expecting a few in the spring... despite having got rid of several "sources" over the years.

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