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M&S Sofa - Abbey

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Sempla82 Mon 30-Jan-17 15:57:20

Hello gorgeous mumsnetters,

I went to M&S to see the Abbey sofa. I'm after a great comfy sofa to watch TV and relax. Do you have any reviews about it? It costs about £1000 and I would love to hear your opinions on that before I go to spend my money smile

Does it last? Is it very comfy?

Thank you!


Iamdobby63 Tue 31-Jan-17 12:04:32

I'm sure I used to have one. Does it have high slightly curved arms? If so, I didn't like it as can't lie on it comfortably. I still have marks and spencer sofas but they have lower arms. They are well made and do last imo longer than next or dfs.

zigzag12 Tue 31-Jan-17 18:26:36

I've had my large Abbey for over 15 years. Couple of the seat cushions are rather flat now and need a lot of encouragement to stay plumped up & being light-coloured, is a bit grubby in places, but apart from that still in good shape for its age. Very comfy and long enough for me to stretch fully out on!

rosie39forever Tue 31-Jan-17 19:40:47

I have large abbey sofa and two chairs in dark brown leather, have had them for 18 years and they still look good and are very comfy, well worth the expense imho.

MacReally Wed 01-Feb-17 08:25:00

We have the brown 2 seater leather Abbey. Bought it from M & S about 18 months ago and it's great. Very comfortable. We bought it for our snug and it's just a little big too big so we're actually selling it! If you are near Teddington let me know if you want to come and view. It cost us £900 in the sale and selling for £450. It's in perfect condition (no kids, no pets) (I'm a regular here btw, just a name changer) .

I can send you a photo if you PM me.

usualmum Wed 01-Feb-17 08:32:46

I have 2 abbey corner suites in suede type material and ribbed type material. Had them 3 years, used and abused by all. Very comfy (took me 3 yrs to find the exact right ones). Plump up cushions daily!!

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