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Naice white sheets and towels

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NotAMammy Sun 29-Jan-17 18:17:46

In a month we'll be living in our very own home. I'm hoping I can finally live my dream of having a few sets of naice bedlinen and towels. I'm thinking:
3 sets of high quality, white bed sheets/duvet covers/pillows for each bed (there's currently only one double, but we'll be adding a guest double and a single in time)
Is TK Maxx still the best bet for naice bedding at prices that won't make me cry? I have a £40 voucher for White Company but I think that will buy me a whole one pillowcase.

I'd also like gorgeous white towels for the bathroom. Although I'm thinking a couple lovely fluffy bath sheets for my weekend faffing (can you tell I don't have kids?) and then some of those Turkish towels for mid-week 'I seriously need to just dry my body and hair asap and get out of the house' mornings.
Are the Turkish towels actually great? Where do I find good ones?
Is TK Maxx also the go-to place for my super-cosy bath sheets?


ivykaty44 Sun 29-Jan-17 18:23:30

When I shopped around house of Fraser came in much cheaper than dunelm or debenhams for quality 500 thread count sheets in the sale

Lucysdiamonds Sun 29-Jan-17 18:25:30

I buy bedding from John Lewis, but often pick it up cheaper on Ebay. The sateen cotton pillowcases are lovely!

SwearyGodmother Sun 29-Jan-17 18:30:00

I second House of Fraser. Their hotel collection sheets are lovely to sleep on and they aren't particularly expensive - especially as they always seem to be 70% off.

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