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I have done 24 washes in 14 days!

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Ceolas Sun 25-Feb-07 21:04:14

I bought a box of 24 tablets 2 weeks ago tomorrow. And I've used the last one just now.

There are 5 of us.

Aloveheart Sun 25-Feb-07 21:07:13

Is that alot?? you should see the size of my washign pile. lol.

misdee Sun 25-Feb-07 21:08:45

i only use one each time, so that could have done 48 washes here!

and i dont use washing powder on towels either [scummy]

Ceolas Sun 25-Feb-07 21:09:09

I've never counted until now. Seems a lot, but with all the towels and sheets...

TLV Sun 25-Feb-07 21:09:26

I've decided to start doing my washing late at night (cheaper apparently). I have to full plastic baskets of washing plus one of those canvas laundry bags to do and there is only 3 of us!

Aloveheart Sun 25-Feb-07 21:09:32

you should see the state of my typing too!!

Ceolas Sun 25-Feb-07 21:10:09

That was using one tablet each wash.

Can't imagine why you'd want to use 2. Seems a waste when 1 gets the clothes clean!

themildmanneredjanitor Sun 25-Feb-07 21:10:22

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

misdee Sun 25-Feb-07 21:11:07

oh right i thought u meant 24 packs of tablets.

misdee Sun 25-Feb-07 21:13:42

yes, the kids eczema, and also i cant be bothered. i add a small scoop of soda crystals. its not liek towels get filthy dirty and need stains removing. they dont need to smell nice either do they.

most of my washing here gets done at 60degrees to kill dust mites, feel bad for the enviromental impact that has so try to save in other ways. does that make sense?

fairydust Sun 25-Feb-07 21:18:15

well i struggle with 2 tablets per wash to get clothes clean i sometimes have to use 3 tablets per wash.

themildmanneredjanitor Sun 25-Feb-07 21:31:41

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Judy1234 Sun 25-Feb-07 21:47:33

We would often have the washer on twice a day every single day - but there were 5 children and the first three were in cloth nappies and at one point 3 of them under 4 all in cloth nappies at night.

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