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a mop that cleans the floor, not just move dirty water about?

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karen898 Wed 25-Jan-17 19:51:05

I have 2 small DC, food generally hits the kitchen floor during mealtimes in and I often don't have the awareness or time to wipe up splashes or small spills that day immediately. We have a vileda Magic mop which doesn't do much more than push water about like a sponge & the abrasive bit is pretty useless. Any suggestions for it's replacement?

OneWithTheForce Wed 25-Jan-17 19:52:40


OneWithTheForce Wed 25-Jan-17 19:54:11

What I do is wash with mop, boiling water, star drops and zoflora. Remove mop head, empty water, fresh mop head, fresh water, star drops etc and mop again and if my water is still murky I repeat. It's a faff as my kitchen is massive.

SpudULiked Wed 25-Jan-17 19:56:39

Does it have to be a mop?

I use a steamer. 30 seconds to get hot & 2 mins to clean floor. I leave water in it, so its ready to go.

SpudULiked Wed 25-Jan-17 19:58:57

It gets close to the edge and no dirty water.

gazingatthestars Wed 25-Jan-17 20:01:33

Following too!
We used to have a steamer but I found it just moved dirty hot water about!

Luciferthethird Wed 25-Jan-17 20:03:44

Steamer. Mine works great saves the faff of a mop. I hate dirty mop water.

KanyeWesticle Wed 25-Jan-17 20:04:25

We have a Vileda 1-2 Spray Mop‎, which is a flat pad with a water spray.

PersisFord Wed 25-Jan-17 20:05:09

At the moment I spray flash onto the gunky bits, pour boiling water from the mettle directly onto the floor and then mop it up with an old skool string mop. Steamer was useless, tried 2. Magic mop also useless. My floor is never really clean though confused

PersisFord Wed 25-Jan-17 20:05:23

*kettle obvs

imthelastsplash Wed 25-Jan-17 20:34:27

I've given up on mops (I suspect there's a secret mop technique that you get told if you slaughter something for the cleaning gods). I just get down with a cloth probably once a month and give it a good going over and wipe up spills as they happen

OneWithTheForce Wed 25-Jan-17 20:34:44

I have a steamer. It's the same as a mop. Your just pushing a dirty pad around the floor. Look at the pad when you finish the floor! I have to go over mine loads with a second and third fresh pad and they still aren't spotless by the end and they get sodden! Because you can't wring them out like a mop.

PinkSwimGoggles Wed 25-Jan-17 20:41:52

it's all in the technique imo.
I use a bucket of warm water&a little bio washing powder.
then I use the mop very wet, hardly wrung out on a small area. then rinse the mop and squeeze out as much water as I can an mop the wet are (almost) dry. repeat with next small area.

I have a leifheit square mop

sashh Wed 25-Jan-17 20:42:44

Get a wet and dry vac, you basically wet the floor and vacuum both the water and the spills.

picklemepopcorn Wed 25-Jan-17 20:46:56

Don't use water! Sweep the floor. Get a flathead mop with microfibre head. Wet and wring the head. Spray the floor in a square, mop that bit. Spray the next bit, then mop. Work your way around spraying and mopping. It's like scrubbing the floor with a flannel. You really don't need a lot of water. Wash out the mop head part way round if you want to...

bakewelltarte Wed 25-Jan-17 20:56:21

The e-cloth floor mop is genius - no chemicals needed and t takes seconds to get going as you just wet the cloth, wring it out and go (I was very sceptical but I am a convert now) Works a treat cleaning up after my 8 month old's meals

OneWithTheForce Wed 25-Jan-17 20:58:53

How does it clean with no chemicals? I'm assuming it lifts visible grime because of the wet cloth but doesn't actually clean/kill bacteria?

bakewelltarte Wed 25-Jan-17 21:04:48

bakewelltarte Wed 25-Jan-17 21:05:23

Cakescakescakes Wed 25-Jan-17 21:06:30

Steam mop with removable washable pads.

OneWithTheForce Wed 25-Jan-17 21:14:43

OOoh! Interesting, thanks bakewell. I still don't know how that works but I accept it does. Now are there genuine and fake e cloths? Or will anything named "e-cloth" do?

PinkSwimGoggles Wed 25-Jan-17 21:16:26

but doesn't actually clean/kill bacteria?

why would you want to kill bacteria?
for healthy people it is enough to remove many of them and to remove their food source, i.e. dirt. soapy water does that well.
unless you plan open heart surgery in your kitchen or live with someone who is seriously immunocompromised that's fine.

MerryMarigold Wed 25-Jan-17 21:19:56

I LOVE my mop. Tried a steam one and didn't like it as felt the floor had to be quite clean in the first place. It doesn't really wet the floor but enough water to actually clean it rather than smear dirt around. It dries in about 4 mins. It's this one:

QODRestYeMerryGentlemen Wed 25-Jan-17 21:20:08

Jml. Brilliant. Mop forward and scrub, pull back and it drys. Had this for about 10 yrs now. On my 5th ish head

QODRestYeMerryGentlemen Wed 25-Jan-17 21:20:57

Spooky x post Merry 😂

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