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I'm gonna be in sooooooooo much troubel with DH......

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Wolfgirl Sun 25-Feb-07 10:59:00

Oh help anyone! My DH has rattled on at me for summer in and summer out, NOT to put anything material/canvass like in the shed as it will get mildew. Did I piggin listen???? NO! and now two of my buggies are covered in mildew, most of the toys are covered in mildew, and thats not it! thats not what Im in trouble for, or going to be.

we bought a second hand 8 berth tent 2 years back, and DH insisted on keeping it in the house. Mildew he said, its not going in the shed., Well, without him knowing I near on broke my back lugging it down stairs, down the garden and then hiding it in the shed.

I just KNOW its going to be covered in mildew.

here's the help question: how do I clean it up, when it inevitably will come out smelling, disgusting and covered in mildew???

H E L P!!!!!

SturdyAngel Sun 25-Feb-07 11:01:48

Oh dear!! I have this problem with my pushchair from leaving it damp in the boot of the car. I have scrubbed it to no avail...

I think you will need to put the tent up to clean it unless you can do that on your own, you will have to admit all to DH!

Wolfgirl Sun 25-Feb-07 11:03:26

I knowwwwwwwwwwwww!! sob sob sob, but how can I then say, hey now worries, I have this magic potion to clean it - da-rrahh!

tiredemma Sun 25-Feb-07 11:03:49

get some mildew remover from tesco.

dettol mold and mildew remover, should do the trick.

AuntyQuated Sun 25-Feb-07 11:14:07

drag the tent back into the house and say nowt.

admit to the rest, adding "I'm so glad i listened to you and didn't put the tent in here too" then if the tent has mildew blame him for putting it way damp!


Wolfgirl Sun 25-Feb-07 11:20:12

LOL LOL LOL LOL ROFL - I love it. could try it! heck, would need muscles to get it UP the stairs, was alright rolling the darn thing DOWN the stairs - could try it, but not sure where all of a sudden I could put it, as he knows the two bedrooms have been cleared of late, but he hasnt twigged about the missing tent.

oh, it gives me goose bumps to think of the row ensuing!

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