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New ways of cleaning? What have we got to loose?

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JayneW63 Mon 23-Jan-17 11:49:46

OK so I'm an ENJO girl, but in the interest of the discussion other chemical free cleaners are available. Norwex and e cloths spring to mind.

I've been cleaning just using my cloths and cold water for about 7months now, time moves on, and the more I use them the better the products get. I know it's like I've found God or given up smoking, I can rave about it for hours, it's very boring.


Given the microbead scandal, and other environmental knock on effects of our actions , super bugs, links made to chlorine ( bleach) and childhood cancers, shouldn't we all be looking for a new way of cleaning?

I remember arguing with my Dad about lead in petrol, now no one thinks twice about lead free petrol.

So this is not about me trying to sell anything to you, have a google, and have a second thought about what you use , perhaps using some of the new technologies out there might be a very simple way of making our world safer.

JayneW63 Mon 23-Jan-17 11:52:11

Just spotted the spelling error. Pants.

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