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Cleaner - help!

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user1473256244 Sun 22-Jan-17 00:40:57

I have never had a cleaner before.
We live in a 2 bed cottage and as DP and I both work long hours (self employed + emergency healthcare service) we just can't keep on top of the cleaning and stuff like hoovering and bit of washing up doesn't get done.
Is it OK to expect the cleaner to do any washing up on the side (cups, plates, cutlery etc) obviously not a whole week's worth, but the bits that don't get done. Ask them to put it away and every week or so do a 'big job' e.g. Clean fridge or oven or cupboards.

I think this is ok, as the hoovering, wiping the surfaces and cleaning the floor won't take a huge amount of time and doing one 'bigger job' each week will ensure they are kept on top of.

Unsure if it is common practice to ask your cleaner to wash up and put away cutlery/crockery etc......

Any thoughts welcomed. TIA xx

TheDowagerCuntess Sun 22-Jan-17 00:47:40

My understanding is that washing up is very much frowned upon.

I wouldn't leave washing up for our cleaner to do.

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