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Stained toilet and grimy plugholes!

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DangerQuakeRhinoSnake Sat 21-Jan-17 10:57:10

I wonder who that awesome thread title has enticed in grin

I'm using neat vinegar and a toothbrush. I thought it would work but it's not at the moment. Do I need to leave it for a long time or try something else?

I've inherited an old bathroom suite so the stains go back donkeys years.

GlitterGlue Sat 21-Jan-17 11:00:42

You need heavy duty limescale remover and a shed load of bleach.

KatherinaMinola Sat 21-Jan-17 11:05:04

Neat vinegar will work on toilets, but you need to leave it overnight, and do it two or three times, and really scrub.

I'll tell you what works brilliantly - that Vanish Gold (pink tub). Very expensive though!

Neat thick bleach down grimy plugholes (left for half an hour or so). Replace the plugs.

NotMeNoNo Sat 21-Jan-17 11:16:18

Also in the toolkit : a pumice stone will take limescale off ceramic surface, with vim or barkeepers friend powder.

DangerQuakeRhinoSnake Sat 21-Jan-17 11:16:40

Thank you! Off to the shops today so will have a look for extra supplies. Will the toothbrush be enough scrubbing wise?

DangerQuakeRhinoSnake Sat 21-Jan-17 11:17:22

Cross post notme! Pumice stone sounds a good idea thanks.

NotMeNoNo Sat 21-Jan-17 11:19:58

You can get vim in wilko, just checked! I had to do same to a filthy house we moved into once. Heavy duty rubber gloves too.

DangerQuakeRhinoSnake Sat 21-Jan-17 11:27:13

I'll report back and let you know if it works or not! The plugholes especially are GRIM.

franke Sat 21-Jan-17 11:28:32

I second the use of a pumice.

theconstantinoplegardener Sat 21-Jan-17 11:32:30

For your loos, try pushing as much of the water round the u-bend as possible, using a toilet brush. Then pour in a big bottle of value cola or distilled vinegar. Leave overnight and then scrub with the toilet brush the following day. You should find the stained limescale just flakes off and you are left with gleaming porcelain.

SilenceOfThePrams Sat 21-Jan-17 11:40:31

Full bottle of coke overnight here for the loo.

And viakal overnight in the sink for the plug holes.

DangerQuakeRhinoSnake Sat 21-Jan-17 11:45:00

Thanks all. Sadly the limescale problem is all above the water line as well so I've been laying a vinegar soaked cloth on it to try and penetrate it. Tbf I've only just started to tackle the problem. Luckily we have another loo so I can take this one out of action for a while.

SecondsLeft Sat 21-Jan-17 11:48:19

Washing soda? I have found the harpic white and shine bleach with baking soda works well to keep the toilet limescale free, once you have tackled it.

cuntspud Sat 21-Jan-17 12:02:52

The harpic limescale remover really does work. Black bottle.
Left it overnight, no scrubbing needed! It the really limey toilet I had to repeat a second night.

AButterflyLightsBesideUs Sat 21-Jan-17 12:48:44

Lidl's w5 limescale remover is good at dissolving it instantly. It needs to go on neat though so get the water out the way first.

dodgydonkeysdoodah Sat 21-Jan-17 12:58:37

Viakal - the bottle of thick liquid, not the spray. Repeated applications if necessary. Or as you say, a soaked cloth.

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