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Dishwasher not draining, can anyone offer advice please?

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anorak Sat 24-Feb-07 12:55:22

There is a puddle of murky water in the bottom that isn't draining away. I've pulled out the drain thing that you remove and take the bits out of after each wash and it's clear.

Can anyone advise me as to what might be the problem and if I can fix it myself please?

NAB3 Sat 24-Feb-07 12:56:28

Blocked pipes?

2sprogsmum Sat 24-Feb-07 12:59:19

We had this! It means the waste pipe, where the water from the sink drains, is higher than the pipe that leads to the dishwasher. You need to pull the pipe to your dishwasher up in to a big loop so that the water from your sink isn't draining into it. Does that make any sense at all?

spidermum Sat 24-Feb-07 13:01:02

No advice, just sympathy. My diswasher is currently out of action and my hands are so sore. Must get gloves. One thought - try putting make and problem on google and see what happens.

washingqueen Sat 24-Feb-07 13:03:46

We had this problem too (a lot until we purchased a new dishwasher recently).

In desperation (a girl can't be expected to actually wash-up in this day and age..ha ha) I purchased the Haynes dishwasher manual from amazon for DH and he took it apart and had it fixed in no time!!

He is no keen DIY'er I might add

anorak Sat 24-Feb-07 13:16:48

Thanks all.

2sprogs I don't understand why that would suddenly be the reason when it has been running fine for years? Actually I'm not sure I do understand what you said

Will try the googling thing.

serenity Sat 24-Feb-07 13:21:22

It could be that the waste pipe itself has become blocked. We've just got a new washing machine (yes, not quite the same I know) and when I took the old hose off to give it clean I was shocked at the amount of crap that had accumalated. I washed it out in the bath and managed to block the bath for 2 days It might be worth disconnecting it and flushing it through (not in the bath!)

anorak Sat 24-Feb-07 13:22:13

I don't even have the first idea where it is.

serenity Sat 24-Feb-07 13:25:13

If you google the make you can usually get pdf files up of the manuals, they normally contain troubleshooting guides and would also show you what your waste hose looks like (grey pipe going from the back of the machine, might be plumbed directly into the waste pipe from your sink, depending on where it's located)

2sprogsmum Sat 24-Feb-07 13:25:56

I'm not sure why it would do that after so long either so that might not be what it is.

But, I had my dishwasher fixed the other day and I asked him why the bottom of the dishwasher kept filling up with sludgy water and this is what he showed me to do.

Fingerscrossed2007 Sat 24-Feb-07 13:30:42

Anorak I have exactly the same problem. The problem used to happen every 6 months and used to be easily solved by running "Finish dishwasher cleaner" through on a 70 degree cycle.

Problem has gradually got worse and now every time I try to use it stops half way through with a pool of water refusing to drain. The finish dishwasher cleaner stuff does not seem to work anymore. I haven’t got rid of my machine yet as I still hope it must be repairable. That said if is going to cost a fortune I’m better off saving for a new one. Local call out charges for repair company start at £50.

I don't think that 2sprogsmums answer is right for this situation as the situation has only recently started. Just realised that I have cross posted with serenity. Am going to try her tip.

Fingerscrossed2007 Sat 24-Feb-07 13:32:56

2sprogs & serenity, thanks for your extra post. Definately been useful for me. Hope it has helped you too Anorak

2sprogsmum Sat 24-Feb-07 13:34:07

sorry if I have made the situation worse! Just letting you know what I was told.

anorak Sat 24-Feb-07 13:36:01

Thank you all I have googled and the advice I saw was all about pumps, motors and parts I've never heard of let alone know what they look like!

I've got the instruction manual out and have removed the filters out of the bottom to give them a good clean. I'll then see if I can have a fiddle around looking for any blockage then might try the finish dishwasher cleaner idea.

I really want to avoid pulling it out and checking hoses and stuff because I will have to remove pieces of units and repair and repaint them afterwards if I do (I built my kitchen units myself)

Thanks all will let you know how I get on.

Fingerscrossed2007 Sat 24-Feb-07 13:52:01

Anorak. Think you are goign to have to pull the whole machine out to get round to the pipes. sorry!

anorak Sat 24-Feb-07 16:07:10

Yes, I think you're right. I've run dishwasher cleaner through it twice and it's still the same.

What I can't understand is why the puddle in the bottom of the dishwasher doesn't get any deeper though. It drains away a certain amount. Perhaps it has an overflow drain or something?

serenity Sat 24-Feb-07 22:49:30

If it is partially blocked then the force of water might push a certain amount through leaving just the dregs behind. When we actually replumbed the washing machine last week I stupidly put a valve back in the wrong way round and it couldn't drain properly - so the first time I tried the machine it threw up loads of error messages and left my washing in a puddle of murky water. It wasn't blocking it completely, just restricting the flow, so most was getting out before it backflowed back in. So........if your hose is partly blocked with soap, food scum etc that could be why it's not fully draining.

I could be completely wrong, but (leaving aside actually getting to your dishwasher) it should be fairly easy to check yourself. I'd find it gutting to pay someone huge amounts of money to fix something that's easily diy (and an engineer or new dishwasher would involve taking the kitchen apart too!)

Good luck anorak, hope you get it sorted.

Kif Sat 24-Feb-07 23:05:28

urrr i pour in drain cleaner and leave it to work. is that not right?

serenity Tue 27-Feb-07 19:25:32

Did you manage to sort it out, anorak?

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