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Why does some of my laundry not smell fresh?

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LlamaBananas Sat 21-Jan-17 08:26:27

I noticed recently a few items such as towels and dressing gowns dont smell when using them.
Ive started putting boil bkeacj cycle on my washer once a fortnight and gave it a good clean around the rubber and foor. Ive pulled the drawer out snd clesnef that.
I use laundry liquid. Usually the stuff you put in a ball in the drum (surf is usual) softner - the perfumy lenors with febreeze and i use those smelly pearl bead things in the drum. Towels get washed on 60 or even 90 sometimes.
Do you think i ought to run a descaler through the machine?
Its driving me mad.
I change towels every 2 or 3 days and they all get aired between use and i setch on my heated towel rail.
Perhaps its the tumbler? Although it looks spotless to me.
Any ideas?

LlamaBananas Sat 21-Jan-17 08:27:35

*dont smell nice sort of unclean.

RudyMentary Sat 21-Jan-17 08:29:45

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

wowfudge Sat 21-Jan-17 08:58:11

There are no bleaching agents in liquids so your machine doesn't get a thorough germ killing clean when you use liquids. Switch to powder. Run the hottest, longest wash first, empty, with some soda crystals to give it a good clean out.

LlamaBananas Mon 23-Jan-17 16:50:22

Ah. Off yo buy some powder then. Ill give it dervicr wash too.
Fingers crossed this will solve the problem.

PolterGoose Mon 23-Jan-17 18:37:24

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Astro55 Mon 23-Jan-17 18:39:00

You need to clean your machine - said crystals will clean the pipes and the drum

sm40 Mon 23-Jan-17 18:45:11

How old is the machine? Mines just had a major mot due to broken drum. The rubber had started to go mouldy and things didn't seem so fresh so maybe that?. Ditto to hot wash and cleaner as well.

LlamaBananas Mon 23-Jan-17 19:20:19

The machine is 2 and half years old. So i need sida crystals. Where do i find these?

SpudULiked Mon 23-Jan-17 19:24:07

Tesco - huge bag for £1

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