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Limescale on clear shower screen

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Maddison77 Mon 16-Jan-17 21:40:39

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

LoveAfternoonTea Mon 16-Jan-17 21:53:50

Snap. Hard water is a total pain. We use a squeegee designed for bathrooms and then dry off completely with a microfibre cloth. Irritating having to do it every day, but much easier to keep on top of it and keep the bathroom looking nice. You'll probably need some decent limescale remover to get off the stuff that's been there for ages. Although I've heard that citric acid is a brilliant scale remover.

WallToWallDrugs Mon 16-Jan-17 22:19:34

You need kitchen roll and Viakal. Tear off a sheet of kitchen roll, hold against shower screen and spray liberally with viakal. It will stay stuck to the screen, repeat until whole screen is covered in kitchen roll. Go and have a cup of tea. Have another cup of tea. Remove kitchen roll, and screen will be sparkly and shiny smile . Then, keep a squeegee in the shower and train everyone to use it after every shower. It only takes a minute, and no limescale build-up.

Oliversmumsarmy Mon 16-Jan-17 22:24:49

I use viakol but after a few spray I use a sponge scrubber . Then dry off.

After a shower I use a window wiper thing that gets rid of the droplets

MaureenMLove Mon 16-Jan-17 22:37:24

I use Viakal (or one of the many other descalers that are also available!) spray all over, use one of those green plastic scrubby things and wipe dry with kitchen towel. So, a combination of other posters.

I don't do it every day, life is far too short to have a clean shower door every day! Once a week, when doing the big clean suits me.

user1484486288 Mon 16-Jan-17 23:07:49

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

IlPorcupinoNilSodomyEst Mon 16-Jan-17 23:10:20

Get a water softener and never think about it again!

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