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Neff Steam Oven Imploded?!!

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anonimum Mon 16-Jan-17 17:10:00

What on earth can have caused my 8 month old NEFF steam oven to implode yesterday? I wasn't using the steam function, just on basic circotherm roasting a positively innocent chicken at 170 deg when some loud noises came from the oven, at first glance it seemed OK, the oven was still working but I noticed I couldn't see the chicken so well and thought maybe a bulb had gone so I opened the oven door and WOW! The bottom of the oven had raised up by about an inch (domed) and the top of the oven with the element was sitting about an inch or so lower than it should in the middle (bellied down), obscuring the lighting at the front a bit. The metal the top element is attached to has actually cracked and it looks like there might be a crack in the base too. The chicken was unscathed, and I moved it to my second oven... We can't get an engineer out for a week, but I want to know how this could have happened - the fan works fine, there is ample airflow at the top back and bottom, no vents were covered - not even a tea towel on the door - I know this as I had a good view of the roasting chicken! I checked below the oven and it was cool to touch too. We think that this damage can only have been caused by the creation of a massive vacuum in the oven, but have no idea how that could have happened - has anyone else ever had this happen? On the positive side, the chicken was fantastic...

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