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Best vacuum cleaner for stairs?

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LizB62A Sun 15-Jan-17 22:50:12

I've got a Dyson (nearly 11 years old and not as good as it used to be) but it's not great for stairs. The hose only reaches about half way up the stairs so I do the bottom half of the stairs, carry it upstairs then do the top half of the stairs (trying not to let the Dyson tumble down on top of me....)

I bought a small handheld vacuum cleaner to do the stairs with, but it didn't last very long, wasn't that powerful (although it was incredibly noisy) and didn't clean right up to the edges. I then tried another similar one and that wasn't good either.

So, can anyone recommend a vacuum cleaner that is good on stairs, cleans them well and is fairly easy to manage?

Thanks in advance !!

BackforGood Mon 16-Jan-17 00:00:50

I like Henry.
It is quite bulky / heavy, but it has a very long hose so you can reach without doing the one handed balancing act when trying to do the stairs.

Atticmatic Mon 16-Jan-17 00:11:39

Shark liftaway.

rabbit123 Mon 16-Jan-17 08:43:58

Sebo x4 extra. Comes with a long extension hose that you plug into the main hose and it reaches all the way up the stairs. Brilliant on carpets too and they last for years

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