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What would you associate with Cowboys?

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NbgsYellowFeathers Fri 23-Feb-07 11:49:23

Have chosen this for a theme for ds's room.
I've found a few Cath Kidston and Laura Ashley bits but there isnt all that much.

Anyone got any ideas?

cupcakes Fri 23-Feb-07 11:51:05

they are the only shops I can think of which sell this.

cowboy associations:
girls with big petticoats (probably going off track a bit here)

Twinkie1 Fri 23-Feb-07 11:51:37

The white company did some bits a while back - not sure if they still do???

JackieNo Fri 23-Feb-07 11:52:59

Toy bag here .

KathyMCMLXXII Fri 23-Feb-07 11:53:00

guns, obviously

JackieNo Fri 23-Feb-07 11:54:04

Some stuff here (go to the subsequent pages).

MrsBadger Fri 23-Feb-07 11:55:09

have seen good horse wall stickers somehwere - not cheesey and actually rather nicely drawn

will rummage

Enid Fri 23-Feb-07 11:56:07

red wallpaper with stars on one wall
denim blue paint on other walls

snowleopard Fri 23-Feb-07 11:56:08

chaps (the trouser things I mean)
cowboy boots with spurs
5-o'clock shadows
saloon doors

NbgsYellowFeathers Fri 23-Feb-07 11:57:57

Ooo fab links, thank you.

Cupcakes petitcoats, lol.

Naughty Kathy
No guns here, although I keep being told its quite ok to have them by dh.

MrsB, have been looking everywhere

NbgsYellowFeathers Fri 23-Feb-07 11:57:59

Ooo fab links, thank you.

Cupcakes petitcoats, lol.

Naughty Kathy
No guns here, although I keep being told its quite ok to have them by dh.

MrsB, have been looking everywhere

JackieNo Fri 23-Feb-07 11:58:56

OOh look - very expensive, but how cool is this ?

pollyanna Fri 23-Feb-07 11:59:32

Nbg - I like the Cath Kidston wallpaper/fabric!(ds wouldn't agree to me putting it in his room).

denim or gingham or an american flag rug/duvet/wallhanging (if you can bare that)?

cremolafoam Fri 23-Feb-07 12:00:00

lookie here too

NbgsYellowFeathers Fri 23-Feb-07 12:00:07

ooops that posted before i'd finished.

I meant to put, I've looked at a few places for wall stickers but couldnt find any cowboy ones.

JackieNo Fri 23-Feb-07 12:00:11

Stickers ?

MrsBadger Fri 23-Feb-07 12:01:01

They're here the horses I was thinking of were the Jim Rey under Cutouts, the Wild and Free under Murals and Cuttin' Loose under Borders, but they have a jolly cowboy Cutout pack as well.

Caligula Fri 23-Feb-07 12:01:25


Oops, sorry just read the first post (had just read title.)

Um... guns.

Oops. Not good either.

UM.... tequila.

No, no that won't do it.


<Gives up trying to think of something cowboyish and appropriate that hasn't already been mentioned.>

JackieNo Fri 23-Feb-07 12:01:41

And some saloon doors .

NbgsYellowFeathers Fri 23-Feb-07 12:02:27

Oh wow, great links. Thank you all so much.

Jackie, love that rug.
I'm wondering if I could make something myself Cath Kidston ish if I get my own fabric????????

NbgsYellowFeathers Fri 23-Feb-07 12:06:03

You are all brilliant!

Love it all.
Its great.

MrsBadger Fri 23-Feb-07 12:06:36

some more stuff here - I love the cardboard teepee

MrsBadger Fri 23-Feb-07 12:09:19

oh, and a cactus

NbgsYellowFeathers Fri 23-Feb-07 12:10:27

I'm really excited now

Just need to sell some more stuff on ebay and then I can buy it all, lol.

cupcakes Fri 23-Feb-07 12:11:02

some nice things here
have been trying to find the name of the company who makes the playhouse because they do other accessories (like the toy bag linked to below) but as yet I can't remember.

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