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Melted tea towel on hob

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Tastesjustlikecherrycola85 Sun 15-Jan-17 07:01:40

I accidently brushed a microfiber tea towel on my hob which was hot and has left some remnants which look like melted plastic. Does anyone have any tips to get rid of this please?

picklemepopcorn Sun 15-Jan-17 07:38:50

I think it will crumble away over a couple of uses, if you can wait it out. Otherwise heat it gently and wipe it off with a damp cotton cloth. There will be residue you have to wait out, I think.

wowfudge Sun 15-Jan-17 10:12:52

Is it a ceramic hob? If so, try Hob Brite.

Tastesjustlikecherrycola85 Sun 15-Jan-17 14:38:09

Didn't think to heat it up, will give that a go. Yep, it's a ceramic hob I tried hob pride but it didn't seem to make a difference to the mark

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