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Who does their main food shopping in Aldi / Lidl? I'm thinking of deserting Tesco / Morrisons.

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isaidno Thu 22-Feb-07 21:37:52

I think it will save me money, but I am worried that the range of stuff is more limited.

berolina Thu 22-Feb-07 21:39:30

I live in Germany and sorely miss British supermarkets. I think if you really stuck just to Aldi/Lidl, you'd find it tough eventually. That said, they do have some good stuff - as well as lots of cheap basics, Lidl does nice cheap fresh tortellini, for example.

Milliways Thu 22-Feb-07 21:45:20

I find that there are a few items I always get there (Washing Tablets, Dishwasher Tabs, Sandwich Bags, Tin foil, Bottled Water) and then whatever takes my fancy that I will knock off the Asda shop.

They ARE cheaper, but when I try to do ALL shopping get frustrated that X is missing!

wrinklytum Thu 22-Feb-07 21:53:29

I do most of shopping there,and find it ok,and good value.May need to shop elsewhere for speciality items though.Nappies and wipes reccomended!!!

Biglips Thu 22-Feb-07 21:57:18

i used to shop in Asda all teh time but decided to shop in Netto, iceland and lidl. the only thing i get from Asda is the crate of long life milk and nappies

Mummy2TandF Thu 22-Feb-07 22:03:52

I have always used Tesco but reently have stared using Iceland - it's really reasonable - a normal £110 odd pund shop cots about £70 and I seem to get a lot more (you can get fresh meat etc there aswell) the only thing I still go to Tesco s for are nappies and baby milk

expatinscotland Thu 22-Feb-07 22:04:52

Lidl pays their employees about £3/hour.

MrsDaveSpoon Thu 22-Feb-07 22:11:39

I use Aldi quite a bit because it is handy and some of the stuff is really good, washing powder tablets and dishwasher tablets for starters. I have tried to do a full week's shop there and have struggled. I suppose it depends what sort of cooking you do. However this week they did have Pak Choi which was a surprise.

Aldi pay their staff really quite well but expect them to work hard for it.

3andnomore Thu 22-Feb-07 22:13:02

you sure expat...we have had some Lidl adds for jobs over the past year or so, and they always advertised a pay of around £5 something...for the ordinary shop assistent, and I think that might be inline with all the big shops, as far as I am aware.

fransmom Thu 22-Feb-07 22:36:38

lidl's wpon't pay £3/hr because that would be below legal minimum wage which is approximately £5-something per hour

TinyGang Thu 22-Feb-07 22:41:43

Agree with other posts - I really like Lidl but doing all my shopping there would limiting.

Having said that, they often have unusual things that you don't see in other supermarkets and I love trying out new things I see in there.

It does save you money though if you get basics in Lidl. (Don't have al Aldi near me, but I'm sure they're good too)

expatinscotland Thu 22-Feb-07 22:54:30

Sorry, I mean, around here at least, they pay about £3 over min wage.

kittylette Thu 22-Feb-07 22:57:07

i do my main shop at aldi, its never more than £40 for a full trolly,

i had to do my shop at tescos this week and it was £79!!

i do usually have to get a few bits from elsewhere, but i would def switch to aldi

3andnomore Thu 22-Feb-07 22:57:52

lol expat, that sounds about right then
I would have been really surprised otherwise, iykwim...I suppose they tend to have less staff and all staff gets trained in all areas...but, yeah, I have heard that they have to work hard for their wages...

newmummy01 Thu 22-Feb-07 23:00:33

I've tried to do a big shop in Lidl but just found it to be frustrating since I had to go to Morrisons to get the remainder of my list. I admit that they did have some good things but I still prefer to do my big shop in once place (minus the butchers) rather than having to get the bits and bobs that were missing from another.

3andnomore Thu 22-Feb-07 23:02:01

Oh and to the OP...I love Aldi and Lidl, but don't go to Aldi often, as it would require me driving there, so, unless I am in the area anyway, I use Lidls whihc is like 10 minutes walk from me. But I still use Morrison or Asda aswell, for some bits...
The washing powder is brill (although will be trying Soapnuts stop buying Washing powder there),the 3 and one Dishwasher tablets, the slightly more expensive ones they do are good as the leading brands!
The Nappies are excellent. Wipes, don't like from Lidl, but Aldi has good ones (I prefer those packets with the plastic clasp thing for closing).
I suppose I particularly like Aldi and Lidle because there is a lot of german stuff there

isaidno Fri 23-Feb-07 14:13:57

Thanks for all the replies; I guess I will try it for a month or so and see which things I still need a big supermarket for.

Our Aldi is next to Iceland which I use occasionally - so I might be able to manage between the two of those.

Overrun Fri 23-Feb-07 14:17:48

I reckon that you could do it, if you have the money or inclination to buy veg from a box scheme or Farmers shop/market. Also meat from a Market etc
This is what we do pretty much, but admittedly we also do a monthly shop at Sainsburys as well.....

saltire Fri 23-Feb-07 14:26:54

We got some stuff at Lidls last week, first time in ages we had been. We spent £27, however i had to go Tesco and get some things, as Lidl didn't have a big choice of ruit and veg in. Boths shops came to £55.

IntergalacticWalrus Fri 23-Feb-07 14:43:00

We do the main bit of our shopping in Lidl (usually somwehere between £25-40 for a trolley full of shopping)

We buy other bits and pieces in Waitrose.

Dislike Sainsurys with a passion and try to avboid at all costs. Hate Tescos even more.

We use Asda very occasuionally but thats more for the people spotting opportunity it presents.

If you do a search, there are a few Lidl/Aldi recommendation threads on here. May I recommend Lidl smoked salmon. £2.29 and delish!

Overrun Fri 23-Feb-07 17:50:36

Intergalactus - why are you so anti Sainsburys, I mean don't get me wrong, its just another supermarket, but I am fond of it, as its been through the ringer and isn't such a big concern as some of the other ones. I have gone off Asda since Walmart bought it.

drosophila Fri 23-Feb-07 18:09:05

I suspect the best way to shop is to shop around in different stores. I also liek to shop at Lidl for some stuff but where I live the fruit is crap but other things are good. I shop at Waitrose cos DP has a discount there so do most of the shopping there.

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