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Can I use magimix to spiralise?

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dingalong Thu 12-Jan-17 16:50:29

Does anyone know if I can use my magimix to spiralise etc and if so what attachments can I use

I have a 4200 machine

FrogFairy Thu 12-Jan-17 20:21:35

You can try a julienne disk, but it won't be exactly like a spiraliser as the strips will only be as long as the width of the feeder slot iyswim.

To be honest, you could probably buy a good quality spiraliser much cheaper then the julienne disk and get better results.

dingalong Fri 13-Jan-17 01:11:43

Thanks - I was thinking of getting one but thought before I add another appliance to my counters I'd better check to see what my mAgimix can do. Google hasn't shown anything

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