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Kitchen storage (larder mainly)

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RatherBeIndoors Thu 12-Jan-17 10:33:30

I have a very tall larder cupboard that appears full but it's hard to identify actual food when trying to root about and find things I know are in there somewhere! It's a pull-out cupboard with wire shelves. I have some inner storage boxes in there, so all the baking stuff is together for example. It needs a rescue - how do you store your food cupboard items?

It's annoying me all the more because I kondo-ed the house getting on for 2 years ago and it has ALL stayed done apart from this cupboard and the cupboard of doom in the hall which is still not right, with the DIY stuff, craft stuff and Christmas stuff

jellyshoeswithdiamonds Thu 12-Jan-17 11:04:26

New kitchen here after much debate with myself how to maximise storage. Had a tall cupboard put in which I call my pantry (that's what my grandmother called her main cupboard).

As its new its tidy, I'm determined not to overfill as I adore it. Drove my carpenter mad as I wanted input as to where each shelf was going to suit what I was going to store in there.

I have one shelf at the top which is still "finding itself out" but the rest are like this ...

At eyelevel - tins we (teens/hubby/me) use the most, this way they don't ask me where's the beans?

Next shelf down - jars and tins I use the most

Next shelf down - dog's sardines, tins we use occasionally, extra coffee, vinegars, flour, couscous

Next shelf down - pasta (half empty bags are in a basket so they don't migrate to the back. Beans and pulses decanted into my own jars.

Bottom shelf - container for potatoes, large bag of rice, large bag of sugar, rapeseed oil

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