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Miele vacuum help

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Upforathird Wed 11-Jan-17 14:50:56

Does anyone have a Miele vacuum (cat and dog/allergy etc) that is willing to have a look or even take a photo of the inside for me? Mine was really dusty inside when I changed the bag (has been for a couple of bag and little fabric filter changes) and am not sure if that is normal or not. Have just changed the big HEPA filter (I have the C3 allergy vac) and hoping maybe that was the issue rather than a problem with the vac. I'm not sure it's the hose going into the bag that's the issue though.

I would take a photo to show you how dusty it was but have now cleaned it but there was dust all around the edges of the inside of the vac where the bag goes.

Thanks for you help!

ImLadybird Wed 11-Jan-17 15:13:52

I've got a regular Miele not a cat/dog one. It only once got dusty inside because I hadn't put the new bag in properly. It's usually fine. Are you using Miele bags or generic ones? Do they fit properly? If so, either filter problem that may be fixed, or yes, faulty machine

OCSockOrphanage Thu 12-Jan-17 16:00:20

Miele vacs don't like substitute non-Miele bags, and make horrid noises if you try to use them.

If you've had it a few years, they do a service and maintenance option -- for £90 they collect it, service it, replacing and repairing any parts, and deliver it back, with new filters etc. I had my eight year old CatnDog vacuum done last summer The two replacement heads alone would have cost more than the service, plus they changed switches and other bits.

Upforathird Fri 13-Jan-17 07:20:43

Thanks for the replies. I've only been using the proper Miele bags as far as I'm aware. Bought from Amazon and in the usual box. Might go for the service option.

The spinning brush is fairly clogged up with hair and balloon string wrapped around it so that could be an issue

BeachysSnowyWellieBoots Wed 25-Jan-17 17:08:23

Thanks @OCSockOrphanage, without you I would have binned my Miele Cat and Dog, but now it's going off to be repaired on Friday....... Mine was bought in 2012 (the nice man at Miele knew EVERYTHING - we are all on the database) and he's sending me a box to send it away in!

FrostNixon Sun 29-Jan-17 12:09:32

Mine's a new machine but after spending a few hours reading Reddit r/vaccumcleaners (where a couple of US repairmen post) I recall reading that the inside should be clean. Maybe you have a non genuine bag, or a blockage.

OCSockOrphanage Tue 31-Jan-17 12:18:17

You're welcome BeachysBoots! I have you've received it home and that it's a good as new.

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