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Getting bio residue out of baby cot

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Brown76 Wed 11-Jan-17 10:51:21

I've just bought a second hand Next 2 Me crib, which was very clean but I now realise that the previous owner has cleaned the canvas fabric in some very strong smelling bio washing powder or similar.

I've had it airing out in my room for a week, but it still smells so strongly that any items you put in the cot (pillow, bedding) takes on the smell.

I'm worried it will be overpowering for my on-the-way newborn but can't put it in the machine.

Any ideas for getting rid of the residue properly?

I'd thought of soaking in the bath but not sure.


PastysPrincess Wed 11-Jan-17 11:00:23

Firstly, they may not have rinsed it off properly and theres still residual powder dried on there. In this case I would give it a good rince in the bath with a shower and let it dry near a radiator.

Secondly, Bicarbinate of soda. Make a thick paste and rub it all over, leave it to dry and then brush/vacuum it off. This is messy but it works.

Thirdly, leave it outside whenever you can to air it. This involves a lot if tooing and froing as you don't want it to get damp etc. Ideally you want it in the sun as much as possible.

This is how we got cigarette smoke out of the travel system we bought from a friend, although it did take months and months.

Good luck.

Brown76 Wed 11-Jan-17 19:18:18

Thank you so much Pastys. I'll give your tips a try.

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