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Curtain hell!

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TheStorySoFar Wed 11-Jan-17 07:20:29

I did something really stupid y'day. Was hanging curtains & forgot to knot thr threads at both sides as I gathered them (pencil pleat Next sale purchase-only £22 so not the end of the world if I've ruined them). So I've pulled all 3 threads completely out. Is there an easy way of repairing them?

bumblingmum Wed 11-Jan-17 07:21:47

Use a needle to sew the threads back through.

wowfudge Wed 11-Jan-17 23:17:48

Use a large tapestry needle - needs to have a big enough eye to take the threads and should be easy to get through the holes.

TheStorySoFar Thu 12-Jan-17 06:34:53


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