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NEFF oven - Do i need steam?

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sleepydee9 Sat 07-Jan-17 23:38:25

I've narrowed ovens down to a choice of 3 NEFF.

I have a voucher that is about to run out and i can't decide.
A has a larger touch screen and defrost but no pyro, reheat or steam
B smaller screen, steam and reheat, but no pyro or defrost
C smaller screen and pyro, but no steam or reheat.

I want to make lots of bread and cakes so i'm thinking B. But will the 'self clean' catalytic liners be enough?

C is only 13amp so can be plugged in so that would save major hassle of 16amp A or B as i had new walls, kitchen and flooring last year. I don't want the pyro to sway me though and then regret not having steam or reheat functions?

Is the baking and meat still tender without the steam? Many thanks for any advice on these functions as i'm clueless.

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