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Going slightly bananas over lint in dryer

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Castironfireplace Wed 04-Jan-17 22:11:11

I got a new condenser dryer 4 months ago. I've had dryers for years of various types and models without a hitch.

This dryer is a shitting nightmare. When I go to swoop the lint it doesn't come off. It's welded to the filter & all the crevices like someone has been in there with wallpaper paste.

The only way to get it off is to wash and really scrub the lint trap & surrounds after every tumble.

I have tried different washing capsules in washing machine and then different or no dryer sheets but the result is the same. Glued on lint.

Every other dryer I've had the lint just peels off. Then every couple of weeks stick the Hoover round the bits. Is that not the norm?

Does anyone know why this happens? How can it glue on with no glueconfused??

It's a hotpoint. I've googled & googled but can't find an answer. I know I sound a bit ridiculous but it's really getting on my nerves!

dannyglick Thu 05-Jan-17 11:50:14

Maybe Hotpoint could advise you, OP.
If you weren't so careful about cleaning the lint off, it could be a fire hazard.

Smitff Thu 05-Jan-17 11:52:23

Yes I second going back to hotpoint. It sounds like the lint is being thrown at the filter forcefully and at high temperature. Maybe settings are wrong?

Castironfireplace Thu 05-Jan-17 16:22:02

Thank youflowers. Yes I worry about fire so I'm quite thorough now but it negates the supposed ease of tumble drying!

I thought it must be some foreign thing going in the dryer rather than think about temp & force, so brill thanks. Il get onto hotpoint and see what they say.

The trials of washing your clothes eh?grin

Castironfireplace Thu 05-Jan-17 16:52:49

Oh wibble. I spoke to Hotpoint. Apparently it sounds like the fan is broken inside & isn't filtering the hot air correctly & that causes the lint to glue.

However if the engineer comes out and finds its not the fan & I've done something wrong it'll cost £94 for the visit. But then they tried to sell me a plan for £4 a month which would mean everything is free.

Its always done the gluey lint thing so I should have called earliersad rather than try new dryer sheets etc.

They said I'm also not to leave the dryer on while I go out or to bed etc & to keep scrubbing!

Thanks again. I'm gonna get them out I think. Better than hard labour & house burning down!

dannyglick Thu 05-Jan-17 16:56:08

OP, can't imagine you would have done something wrong if it's always been like this.
Hope you can get it sorted.

PickAChew Thu 05-Jan-17 16:57:38

It should be free while it's under warranty anyhow, the cheeky gits. I can't think of anything you would be doing that would make the lint stick like that. A 4 month old dryer should dry just fine and not cause you any extra work.

Not having the dryer on when you're out is a given, anyhow.

Rafflesway Thu 05-Jan-17 17:05:33

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Castironfireplace Fri 06-Jan-17 10:52:46

I knowblush. I just had a lot to buy in a short space of time so went on cost. DH wanted Boschblush

It's not on the dodgy list thank god. Thanks for reminder to check. Will update my fascinating saga when the engineers beengrin

TheEmojiFormerlyKnownAsPrince Fri 06-Jan-17 12:19:27

Hotpoint are such a bag of shit. How can you possibly stay in the house all the time the tumble dryer is on? And if it's going to catch fire it doesn't make any difference whether someone is in the house or not.

A Hotpoint burned our house down. I was in at the time. A neighbour saw the fire before me and called the fire brigade.

I would say it's actually better to leave it unattended, because if it's going to go, it's going to go, and speaking from experience it's actually better not to be in as it could be very difficult to get out.

Castironfireplace Fri 06-Jan-17 12:43:31

Oh god sorry about your house. How awful. flowers I hope life is back to normal now for you.

Ignoring my established stupidity for the mo, what exactly happens if they catch fire? Is it a smell and a few spreading flames or a bigger bang?shock

TheEmojiFormerlyKnownAsPrince Fri 06-Jan-17 14:24:06

Oh, were fine now.

It was in the garage, and the first thing l knew was a massive bang as a can of DW40 blew up.

DH and DD had only left the house 30 seconds before. They were only 1/2 way down our short road when they heard it.

After l heard the pop l ran outside and there were flames poring out of the front of the garage.

Rafflesway Sat 07-Jan-17 12:41:53

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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