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My house would be clean and tidy if I didn't have to leave the house!

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Jmangel Wed 04-Jan-17 16:16:45

Just had a staying in day with DDs and I've got loads done. On a normal day when I go to work/school run/activities, I can't find time for anything other than bare minimum - you know cleaning kitchen, dishwasher, laundry. But today, I've hunkered down and got stuck in and finally decluttered and cleaned toy room and office - the two notorious dumping grounds. Plus I've played Twister with girls and had a look through some memory boxes with them which was lovely.
So it's been a lovely productive day and going to make it a NY resolution that I do this twice a month to keep on top of my life. Hoping it will make me calmer and kinder to my children as I won't be so stressed out with everything on top of me.
Anyone else do this already or have any secrets to share about keeping on top of stuff?

wobblywonderwoman Wed 04-Jan-17 16:20:58

I get you.. I have two preschoolers and we both work full time with no time without DC when at home. We moved 12 months ago and I am only unpacking some items today !!! I generally keep the house visitor ready and clean - keep to a routine (wash beds on Friday and pull out sofas all of that)

But deep cleaning - I am just getting there now and decluttering. I am hoping to keep on top of it now

Jmangel Wed 04-Jan-17 16:27:56

Hey, don't think I'm at deep cleaning stage yet either. Maybe in a few months.
Think it's that when I've got to go out for whatever, I seem to lose 90 minutes having to get us all ready - I am a notorious faffer when it comes to getting ready and get very stressed and shouty which I hate.
Today has been lovely, hair in a scrunchie no makeup, joggers and girls in dress up princess outfits so no time wasted arguing about what they will and won't wear!

MyKidsHaveTakenMySanity Wed 04-Jan-17 16:43:04

Mine is the opposite. Being in all day with the kids makes a crazy amount of mess despite cleaning a lot however, nothing really gets untidy when we're out and about and when we get home all that's needed is a quick pick up and dust down.

Jmangel Wed 04-Jan-17 18:42:40

Well I did let the girls have free rein of the living room where they got all their Xmas toys out. We've been so busy it's the first day they've properly played with them which is ridiculous.
So I got busy everywhere else then just before dinner, I helped them clear all their toys away.
Feel so much more organised - think I'm going to make it another resolution to iron in front of TV at night - always tend to slump from 8pm but decided need to stay on top of things better.

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