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School bag storage, how do people do it?

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GieryFas Mon 02-Jan-17 11:26:20

We've got a small space in our hall behind the door where all the bags get dumped in a (broken) crate, and then a table which gets in the way where phones and keys go. I was wondering how people manage to store bulky school backpacks without a messy pile? I've seen lovely pictures of houses with widely set apart individual hooks and shoe racks, but we don't have nearly enough to space for that.

I've seen some hacks on Pinterest about using a bookcase to create a bag sized bit and then a couple of shelves for shoes, gloves / hats etc but they all seem to be Australian and I haven't had any luck finding a deep enough bookcase to adapt. I've got about 55cm depth to play with, and I'd like to use most of it as I've only got 64cm width and height is also limited by the dado rail (which annoyingly rules out adapting the Billy bookcases from IKEA).

Has anyone found a good solution for really tight spaces?

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