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Christmas Zoflora

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LaundryQueenHatesIroning Sun 01-Jan-17 11:47:11

Now the New Year has arrived what are your plans for your remaining Xmas Zoflo stash? Are you going to use it up or save it for next year?

I still have some Warm Cinnamon, Winter Spice and Cranberry Orange to use but it doesn't seem right now Xmas is over confused

celeste84 Sun 01-Jan-17 11:54:58

I only found Winter Spice. I will use it up as usual then look for my next fragrance to try out.

GlitterGlassEye Sun 01-Jan-17 11:59:30

I feel the same! Too spicy especially as I've took down most of my Christmas decorations.

I will use it when I've ran out of disinfectant (always happens at some point) later on in the year but I'll not like it confused.

wowfudge Sun 01-Jan-17 17:03:03

It's still Christmas until 6th January! Just keep using it.

NotAPuffin Mon 09-Jan-17 15:56:48

I have Winter Spice and Cranberry Orange. I'm putting them away, it's just not right to use them now.

I have a stash of 6 other flavours coming from amazon blush

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