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Help. How do I remove very sticky tape from painted woodwork

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MoonlightMedicine Wed 28-Dec-16 07:42:09

I very foolishly used double-sided tape to stick Christmas cards on our internal doors. I've never used it before and at the time it didn't seem very sticky, but now it's very tacky and comes off in pieces rather than one go. It leaves a horrible sticky residue.

Does anyone have any magic tips for me? The doors do need re-painting but DH will not be happy with me if I've forced the issue! shock

wowfudge Wed 28-Dec-16 07:43:57

Sticky Stuff Remover, available from Lakeland and other places online, WD40 also works, nail varnish remover may be worth a go.

Chipsandonionrings Wed 28-Dec-16 07:45:28

I THINK Wd40 is good at getting the residue off but try in a bit easily seen place first. Possibly a micro fibre cloth and I have used a magic eraser thingy to get residue off the kitchen cupboard.

MoonlightMedicine Wed 28-Dec-16 07:47:09

Thank you!!

WhyHasAllTheRumGone Wed 28-Dec-16 07:47:39

Warm it with a hairdryer. Peels off like magic

ScarletForYa Wed 28-Dec-16 07:50:49

Nail varnish remover or petrol.

MoonlightMedicine Wed 28-Dec-16 07:56:59

Ooh I'll try the hairdryer trick. I've ordered some sticky stuff remover from Amazon, will come in handy with 2 small children!

GinIsIn Wed 28-Dec-16 08:04:42

Nail varnish remover may well lift the paint. Try olive oil.

MoonlightMedicine Wed 28-Dec-16 08:16:16

I tried olive oil last night and it didn't work. I think I'll wait for the sticky stuff remover to arrive and keep my fingers crossed!

Squigglypig Wed 28-Dec-16 08:17:48

Mayonnaise does trick with worn in stickers so worth a shot

Murphysgirl Wed 28-Dec-16 08:42:11

Baby wipe.

IlPorcupinoNilSodomyEst Wed 28-Dec-16 11:20:01

Lighter fluid!

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