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Good Alternative to BHS Ultimate Towel Range

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mangotango15 Tue 27-Dec-16 09:31:34

Hi everyone,

just wondering if any of you lovely ladies can recommend good towels?

Ours are needing replaced and we've always bought the Ultimate Range from BHS.

I'm looking for something similar this time. Maybe even the same towel but from a different shop/under a different brand name etc.

Thank you!

MerylPeril Tue 27-Dec-16 09:35:54

Following! I also need towels.

BernardsarenotalwaysSaints Tue 27-Dec-16 11:22:23

Following too!

wineusuallyhelps Tue 27-Dec-16 11:54:02

Me too. My towels are downright humiliating. First world problem but marking!

MaybeDoctor Tue 27-Dec-16 11:55:31

Need some nice face cloths here - normally buy John Lewis towels but for some reason their facecloths are massive!

Follyfoot Tue 27-Dec-16 12:17:08

Still some available online here

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